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The Chinatown Bus Stories project attempts to organize a collective history/mythology of the Chinatown Bus through the contribution of personal stories, illustrations and media via ChinatownBusStories.com and the Chinatown Bus Stories Hotline.

We are looking for a variety of contributions and contributors, and hope the project reflects the large and diverse communities of people who lived, worked and travelled to and from the major cities in which the bus operated (specifically Richmond, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston).

We can especially use help connecting with individuals in the Chinatown communities that may want to provide stories of their own experience and insights into how these bus systems have affected their neighborhoods and lives. If you or you believe you can help please contact us directly at ChinatownBusBook@Gmail.com.

We have also curated a printed chapbook/zine of fiction and nonfiction stories and illustrations (releasing this November).  Artist and Authors include Dewey Saunders, Brooks Bell, Alicia Lozano,Keith Warren Greiman, Jessica Wynn, X.C. Atkins, Abigail Bruley, David Otter– The Secret Admirer, Austin Lotz and Brad Haubrich