Peace, Frogs

This excerpt from Brad Haubrich’s interview w/ Ryan Belski  “Peace, Frogs: What a long strange trip it was. Kind of” appears in full in the Chinatown Stories Bus Chapbook: “Stories and illustrations of adventure, tragedy and lives in transit”

RB: Um, I can’t say if I remember if anything
was really afoot in the beginning, but you know
those early China Town bus trips were always
weird cuz the bus was always packed and I
don’t have any specific memory of that ride but
you know how it was there was always dudes
outside like shoveling people onto the bus and
throwing stuff under the bus, dudes talking to
other dudes, etc. etc. Nothing specific pops into
my mind. But you know, that doesn’t mean that
nothing was going on.
What a long, strange trip it was. Kind of.

BH: So ok, then I guess tell us the story of what
happens when you get off the bus.

RB: Um, well I actually woke up on the bus
because I usually slept during those rides. I
definitely woke up on the bus when we got there
feeling tired and weird. And you know I kind
of watched as we weaved our way through New
York City to, I don’t even know, Battery street
or whatever fucking place they dropped you
off at. And then I got off, I remember I had my
guitar in like a back pack case, and I remember
standing there for a minute kind of gathering my
thoughts, and people were gathered around the
bus because some people had stored stuff under

BH: Yea

RB: So they’re standing there waiting, and the
bus driver gets out you know like he’s supposed
to do. He lifts open the side door, and when he
lifts it open, you know its all chill for a second,
and then some goes to grab their bag and they’re
like “What?!?” What the fuck?!?” Then everyone
starts making noises, but it wasn’t like scream-
ing like a horror movie, it was more like people
were gasping and saying “What the fuck?!?!” and